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The Hive-About Us

Queen Bee of Production

susanSusan Riesen studied theater arts at Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa. She is a person with a distinctive sense of style and insight, which shines through in her everyday life. With a strong suit for detail, Susan, head of production, grew up working in her family's 3rd generation bakery in Hastings, Minnesota. Throughout her life she has worked in small business environments and currently enjoys being part of our tight-knit group creating handmade products that are both beautiful and functional. For her, producing the candles offers more than sensory satisfaction; it promotes a rich quality of life. Influenced by a diverse background in fine food, fashion and theater, she developed a passion for color, though she cites the memory of watching her mother apply lipstick as her first inkling of its power to delight! Expressing that passion daily in her work, home and clothing, Susan developed the company's signature palette.

Queen Bee of Sales & Marketing 

jengreenAs far back as Jenifer Green can remember she has loved art. Her mother was an artist and encouraged her children with endless afternoons filled with home made kitchen clay, noodle necklaces and collages. Being creative was a given in the family, part of their DNA. At the beach, entire days were dedicated to making elaborate sand castles equipped with driftwood bunkers, shell towers and deep moats. An attitude was established, that making art and being creative was expressed every day in many ways. Green pursued fine art in college and graduated from Philadelphia College of Art. With husband, Don Green, a furniture maker and also a graduate of P.C.A., they founded GreenTree Home in 1992, with the intention to produce designs in furniture and accessories that were innovative and individually crafted. Building off of each other’s very different strengths as artists, he a logical thinker and industrious worker and she more of a spontaneous doer and extrovert, they have somewhat of a symbiotic working relationship which is displayed everyday in their business and personal life.


Queen Bee Production Assistant

jess1Like most working mothers, Jessica Demby is a busy bee, juggling her time between her two adoring children, a retail sales job and her position as Susan Reisen's production assistant. For nearly two years, she worked side by side with Reisen in the studio learning the ropes, from raw beeswax to finished candle. She enjoys the creative process, the scent of the raw material and attention to detail the job requires. As a positive force, she is a valuable asset the production team.

Queen Bee Intern & Sales Associate

juliaJulia Fetzer comes to GreenTree Home Candle with an education in Business Administration and is currently working toward her Bachlor's Degree in Business Management and Information Technology at SUNY Delhi. A confident and talented individual, Julia has managed her own jewelry design business for 9 years. With a positive attitude and a industrious work ethic, Julia is learning first hand the various tasks and challenges associated with running a small cottage industry business.